Our one of a kind coaches

Find your coach based on the main area(s) of your life you want to add Next Level Firsts. All coaches listed are trained in getting their clients to their Next Level Firsts.

Tifany Ness

Empowerment, Introverts and HSPs, Life Transition

Tifany empowers introverts and HSPs (highly sensitive people) to step into their enoughness. This deep exploration combines the confidence of being enough with the power to apply this inner-strength to your life – all through an introvert & HSP lens.

Location: Globally coaching from the NYC area

Michael Kraeuter

Biohacking, Performance & Mindset, Personal Development

Michael is an agent of change. Empowering people to develop a life of their design by teaching them to be like water. He likes to refer to this as Holistic Habit Optimization, where everything becomes practice. You look at yourself as a holistic being full of stacked up habits optimizing them for a life that flows like water or more simply H2O – Life. Be like water my friends!!

Location: Globally coaching from Ashburn, Virginia

David Johnson

David seeks to create clients who want to pursue what's next in life. This can mean trying new things with courage and creativity, or just for fun. He has experienced and realized that new opportunities are born out of change or taking new pathways. David inspires Clients to turn their best firsts into ongoing success. 

Location: Syracuse, NY

Sarah Carter

Life Transition, Organizational Development, Raising self-awareness

I help ambitious, high achieving people get specific about their goals, their potential, and their path to success through life's inevitable transitions so that they can live and lead as their truest self. With my background as a US Navy Pilot, I bring proven leadership training and planning skills you can't find anywhere else to each of your custom sessions.

Location: Globally coaching from Okinawa, Japan