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Tifany Ness

Empowerment, Introverts and HSPs, Life Transition

Location: Globally coaching from the NYC area

Tifany empowers introverts and HSPs (highly sensitive people) to step into their enoughness. Enoughness comes from within – an internal barometer of contentedness, sufficiency. Truly knowing that you are enough, in this moment, guides you forward in navigating a culture that evangelizes the opposite. How can Tifany empower you to live a life of enoughness?

Areas of Focus: Empowerment, Transitions, and Career for Introverts & HSPs (Highly Sensitive People)

Tifany wants to live in a world where coffee and conversation flow freely, cat videos are abundant, and people wave hello in passing.

As an empowerment coach, she’s sought certification from two powerful coaching programs that have provided her with the tools to activate positive shifts.

When she’s not in deep exploration with clients, you can find her curled up in a big, comfy chair with an escapist work of fiction.