Maximize Your Journey Program

$27.77 / month with a 6-week free trial and a $197.77 sign-up fee

This is the ultimate self-growth and self-development program. It starts out with a six weeks course and then multiple follow-on group coaching options every week there after for the insanely affordable price of $197 sign-up fee and $27 monthly subscription fee after the first six weeks.

Select a date for your first live session:

Although it is highly recommended, attending the live session is not mandatory and you will have full access to the course and previous workshops.


🎉Congratulations on choosing to Maximize Your Journey!! 🎉

You took the initial first step of starting your Journey of First Times and New Experiences and now you are ready to maximize what you gain from it 👏😎👏

This is the ultimate self-growth and self-development program

It starts out with a six weeks course to dig deeper in these main topics and more!!

  1. Week One: Understanding first times, new experiences, and your Journey. Growth mindset and neuroplasticity.
  2. Week Two: Raising self-awareness. Improving cognitive abilities.
  3. Week Three: Becoming more creative, spontaneous, and open-minded.
  4. Week Four: Confidence Development, Stepping out of your Comfort Zones, and Mastering Your Thought Process
  5. Week Five: Facing your Fears
  6. Week Six: How to take calculated risks, develop a planning process, and the ways to cope with failure and disappointment.

After the Six Week Course you will continue to receive coaching, help, and assistance by joining one of the daily group coaching sessions according to the area you are currently focused on for your life.

  • Monday: Group coaching on Facing Your Fears
  • Tuesday: Group coaching on stepping out of your comfort zones and self-limiting beliefs
  • Wednesday: Group coaching on overcoming failure and disappointment and the planning process
  • Thursday: Group coaching on self-awareness, self-talk, and mastering your thought process
  • Friday: Group coaching on creativity, open-mindedness, and spontaneity

Schedule your Live Training

Please select the date and time you would like to start your LIVE over Zoom six-week course. (NOTE: All times are listed as PST.) You will receive the Zoom information a week prior to the start of your live training.

Recordings of the course are available for each week of training in case you can’t make the live training or prefer to simply watch the recordings at your leisure.