Action-Based Self-Development Boot Camp

$197.00 / month for 3 months

One-of-a-kind 12 weeks action-based self-development through first times and new experiences boot camp tailored specifically to teach you the formula for successful self-improvement, goal setting, and making positive changes in your life. The boot camp includes weekly classes, coaching, and doing first times and new experiences.

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3 Months Action-Based Self-Development Through First Times and New Experiences Boot Camp

Are you ready to have one of the best, most fun, and exciting three months of your life?!?


Do you have what it takes to join a three-month Boot Camp with the Master of First Times and Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel (retired), Ann Bernard?

  • Are you having a tough time figuring out what’s next for you?
  • Have you been overwhelmed by all the stress, changes, and unknowns of the last year?
  • Are you worried about your well-being and mental health?
  • Are you ready for a re-boot, a clean slate, and a new start?

Self-development/self-improvement/personal growth – or whatever else you want to call it – doesn’t have a one size fits all solution. There are no magic pills or quick answers, but there are frameworks and formulas that work for everyone when appropriately tailored to fit who YOU are as an INDIVIDUAL. That’s when things get easier – when the answers match who you are and what you need.

  • Do you want to better understand who you are and how you became that person?
  • Do you want a say and control over creating who you become?
  • Do you want to discover and pursue your purpose?
  • Do you want to know how to select, set, plan, and achieve your goals?
  • Do you want to know how to be joyful, content, and successful?

In this awesome three-month boot camp, you’ll learn how to re-program and maximize who you are and what you get out of life by learning the formulas for successful self-development, personal growth, and goal setting and get the coaching you need to apply them to who you are and what you want to achieve, change, improve, etc.

  • Are you ready to add to subtract? Create new habits and routines and let go of everything that doesn’t serve you?
  • Are you ready to rack and stack who you are and what you do for greater gains and achievements?
  • Are you ready to slice and dice your tasks, goals, vision, and purpose to stay motivated, inspired, and leverage brain chemicals to fuel you to success?

The information covered in this intensive boot camp is not covered anywhere else because it is designed from a lifetime of deep soul searching, personal self-development work, and research Ann has done. Ann has spent her life obsessed with discovering personal growth solutions that could be applied by anyone and everyone.

This is NOT a program for Ann to say “I did it like this so you have to do it like that too.” Quite the opposite. You will explore and discover from within the frameworks what you need and what will work for you.

However, there is one thing that’s a fact when it comes to successful self-improvement. Information isn’t enough. The key to getting results is taking action so a big component of the boot camp is doing first times and new experiences. As a matter of fact, one of the first things we do in the boot camp is start your #365FirstsChallenge list.

Doing and learning new things is the most effective way to engage in rewiring your brain (neuroplasticity) and actively deciding who you become.

  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Improve your cognitive abilities
  • Become more open-minded
  • Enhance your level of creativity
  • Overcome your self-limitations
  • Develop greater confidence
  • Ignite your curiosity
  • Step out of your comfort zones
  • Become more spontaneous
  • End boredom, ruts, stagnation
  • Face your fears
  • Create new powerful memories
  • Change your perception of time
  • Prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia

What to Expect

You can expect to get the support, encouragement, and guidance you need to understand, implement, and take action on what you’ll learn. You will be challenged and you might struggle at times because we are going to go digging in areas of your life you probably choose to avoid or ignore. You can count on having fun, sharing in laughter, comradery, and victories!!

We are going to be together for three months to ensure enough time for new habits to take root, for real change to become noticeable, and for the frameworks to become part of your thinking, planning, and execution.

Structure of the Boot Camp

Every week there will be a LIVE virtual class taught by Ann (recording will be available after each class), a group coaching session led by Ann (will not be recorded), homework assignments, and requirements to cross things off your #365FirstsChallenge list.

Ann will bring in some special guest instructors to cover some specific topics. If the group is interested, we will also do monthly virtual first times together.

You’ll have access to a slack channel and a private Facebook group for additional help and support.

You will be encouraged to partner up with another member of the for additional accountability.

Next Start Date

The next Bootcamp starts on August 16th. Register NOW and get started with the pre-start content, and yes, homework.

Class in session Monday, August 16th @ 4PM PST

First Group Coaching Session, Thursday, August 19th @ 10am PST

Any questions email contact (@) 365FirstsChallenge (dot) com